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Organic 18 Chyavanaprasham or Chyawanprash delicious and nutritious, which boosts immunity and anti-aging supplements made with traditional Ayurvedic recipe from gooseberry, honey lots of healing herbs. Chyawanaprasham helps to boost immune system and rich in Vitamin C improves your ability to fight with bacteria transmits a disease and improves your digestion. If you are a person looking to keep your immune system healthy in this modern world then you should start taking Organic Chyawanaprasham regularly which helps in purification of blood and prevents you from catching minor infections.



Usage Direction:

1tsp for Adults and 1/2tsp for children taken directly twice daily.

Main Ingredient:

Fresh Amala

Other Ingredients:

Honey, Sesame oil, Ghee and various Herbs like Bilwa, Agnimantha , Shyonaka , Gambhari , Patala ,Bala ,Mashaparni , Mudgaparni ,Prishnaparni,
Shalaparni, Pippali ,Gokshura ,Brihati ,Kantakari ,Karkata Shrungi ,Taamalaki ,Draksha,
Jeevanti, Pushkara , Agaru , Hareetaki ,Ruddhi ,Jeevaka ,Vrishabhaka ,Shati ,Musta ,
Punarnava, Meda , Ela ,Chandana ,Utpala , Vidari, Vrushamula ,Kakoli ,Kakanasika

Additional information


500gm, 1Kg


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